Scatter is a popular and powerful wallet software that allows you to interface with all EOS Dapps using your EOS account. Think of it as a new-age digital passport for Internet 2.0.

Pre-requisite: Before you can link Scatter with your EOS Account, you must first own an EOS account. If you do not yet possess one, please refer to this guide on how to create an EOS account.

We will be going through an example of setting up Scatter using the Windows version but it should be similar for both Mac and Linux.

  1. Get the latest version of Scatter Desktop. (Windows: .exe; Mac: .dmg; Linux: .AppImage)

  2. Open the file you downloaded and follow the instructions shown to install Scatter

  3. Launch Scatter after installation and select “I have my own private keys”

  4. Read and accept Scatter’s Terms of Use

  5. Choose and type in a good password - this password is only used for unlocking Scatter. Type the password again in the box below the first.

    Safety Tip: Use a mix of capital letters, small letters, numbers and symbols! Write it down somewhere and keep it in a safe place.

  6. Clig your Private Keyck “Text” to import your EOS account usin

  7. Type or paste in your EOS Private Key and the corresponding EOS account will be automatically imported!

And that's about it! You are now ready to start using EOS dapps and play EOS games!

Logging into EOS Dapps from your Browser

Logging into any EOS sites or dapps is extremely easy once you have Scatter installed and running on your desktop.

For example, if you try to login to - a popular EOS blockchain explorer and wallet site - you will see the following dialog appear.

Simply select the account you wish to use and click Allow and you’re logged in immediately. Unlike traditional websites, there is no need to signup an account for each EOS dapp site you with to interact with!

Now that you have your EOS account and Scatter setup, you’re ready to start exploring POW dApp.