First of all, you'll need an EOS account. You can't register it on your own – you'll have to use a third-party service. Don't worry, it only takes a couple of minutes, and we've integrated a registration tool on our site. Start by clicking on Express Account Creating and follow the instructions. 

You'll be prompted to give a name to your account – exactly 12 characters long. You'll use that name across all EOS wallets and dApps. 

Next, the tool will generate a private and a public key for you. Save them as a file and make a couple of extra copies. You can print one out and keep it in hard copy, or send yourself the keys on Telegram. Choose safe locations where hackers won't be able to get to. If you lose your keys, you'll lose all your EOS, and there will be no way to restore it.

You'll need to pay a few dollars for the registration service and the RAM. RAM is the memory used to store your account details on the blockchain. There's no gas fees in EOS, but you do have to pay for RAM. When you pay for a new account, 6 Kb of RAM  and $0.2 for CPU will be added automatically. It should be enough for everything you need t o do in POW. (Click here to learn more about RAM and CPU.) 

Choose the crypto you want to pay with. The platform will take you to the payment window. If you use an browser extension wallet like MetaMask, it will open automatically. You can also copy the blockchain wallet address or read the QR code.

Once you've made the payment, you'll receive a notification that your account has been registered.