You can now get an EOS account absolutely free of charge! This free EOS account creation service is made possible by the team behind the Wombat EOS Wallet.

Step 1: Download Wombat app for Android or Apple devices

Install Wombat Wallet app. (Screenshots are all based on the Android app)


Step 2: Launch Wombat and sign in via Google

Check the box 'I accept the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy' and click on 'Sign in with Google' .

Then choose a Google account to sign in with and allow access.

Step 3: Back up your keys

After signing in with your preferred Google account, choose to back up your private key with any of the storage methods available. For Android devices, choose Google Drive then allow access to your Google Account.

Step 4: Set up a PIN

Secure the Wallet app with a 6 digit PIN code to keep your digital assets protected. Write down or save this PIN and keep it somewhere safe.

Step 5: Create an EOS account name

This will be the actual EOS account name used for all your EOS transactions, gaming or otherwise. Choose wisely and tap on the Create Account button once you are ready.

Congratulations! Your EOS account is now created! Wombat provides free CPU and RAM to help you get started, which you can check under Wallet > More Options > Resources.

Chrome Extension Setup

Wombat provides a free chrome extension so you can access the same EOS account on your desktop! Here's how to set it up.

Step 1: Download Chrome extension

Click 'Add to Chrome', then click 'Add extension'.

Step 2: Sign in with your Google account

Click 'Sign in with Google' then select the same account as the one set up in the Wombat Wallet app.

Step 3: Set up a 16 characters passphrase

This passphrase is required for unlocking your EOS account in Chrome. Write down or save this passphrase for future log in.

Step 4: Close tab as instructed and start playing

You are now logged in to your EOS account via Wombat. Close the tab as instructed, then check your details by clicking the Wombat icon in the top right of your browser.

You are now ready to connect! Head on down to the POW dApp directory and start!